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Rigging Services

Masthead will move anything and everything that requires specialized moving equipment and/or handling. We have moved a wide variety of heavy objects – from huge air conditioners onto the roofs of buildings to very heavy statues and other objects d’art into private homes. As a full-service rigging contractor, we pride ourselves on working safely and effectively to meet customers' specialized needs.


In the semiconductor market and related microelectronics industries, Masthead installs process tools and their supporting pedestals in controlled environments. We have installed over 30,000 process tools, a record unsurpassed by few rigging contractors in the semiconductor facility market. From small microscopes to very large machines, we are especially proficient in handling the transport of equipment that needs delicate balancing and handling, and integrating them into both new and pre-existing assembly lines where the demand for precision is staggeringly unforgiving. Our equipment inventory includes sophisticated and heavy-duty crane hoisting and rigging equipment for all kinds of precision move projects.


Our Rigging Services Include:


    Rigging services for complete fabrication and facility


    Installation as well as dismantling of process tools

    Supply and fabrication of specialty and custom rigging


    Pedestal supply and fabrication for tool support requirements

    Cost management and value engineering to identify cost-

    saving opportunities and ergonomic solutions for the Owner

    Quality control to ensure the highest levels of protocol are

    maintained for all moves

    Move-in coordination services

    Turnkey Relocation Services

    Factory / Cleanroom Relocation

    Heavy Lift & Rigging Services

    Specialized Transport

    Oversized Loads


    Heavy Equipment & Crane Rigging

    Industrial Moving

    Sensitive Equipment & Cleanroom Certification

    Laser Alignment

    Vibration, Moisture & Contaminant Sensitive Packing & Moving

    Forklift Rigging Services

    Seismic Anchoring & Clips


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Heavy equipment rigging
Heavy equipment rigging
Industrial moving
Rigging and Crating Brochure


Our proven systems and programs are the best in the business.



Our documented programs and sign-off systems ensure the highest levels of tracking and documentation.



Our comprehensive experience allows us to identify cost-saving opportunities for the owner.



Pre-task planning ensures a smooth execution on-time, every time.